Friday, March 14, 2014

Greenhouse Snow Day

We are up and running after a few setbacks with frozen pipes and busted heat exchangers. But now, the train has left the station for the season. It's exciting, scary and hopeful all at the same time. But, when the first round of seedlings sprouts, we always feel rebooted. Oh yes, this is what we do, we engage with the wonder of life, the cycle of weather and seasons. We're going to do this farming thing for another season. It feels so good to get outside.

We drink tons of tea to keep the mojo going. And, when we run into the house to use the bathroom or grab a seed packet, it's hard not to feel jealous of the cats napping on the sheepskin next to the woodstove. Don't they have work to do?

The annual theme to the end of winter and start of spring seems to be hurry up and wait...for seeds to germinate and snow to melt and mud to dry.

We're all pretty over it, the snow. Even the 4 roosters. Some of the sexed chicks from last spring ended up as roosters. They all seem to be getting along so far. The biggest problem is they each crow at a different time of the day, making the racket a relatively sustained experience from about 4AM until just after dark.

The good news is the newer birds are laying in earnest and custard and quiche are back on the table. 

Mark your calendar for May 3, 1PM to 4PM for our annual spring open house. This year we have Bennet and Edith coming again to play music and a special food truck surprise in the wings to keep everyone's blood sugar up while we dance the Maypole. Looking forward to blessing the fields with the help of friends and family and neighbors alike.


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