Friday, March 28, 2014

Eggs and Milk

If there is anything I have learned since we've been farming its the cycle of boom and bust. Right now, our milk cups runneth over and our egg quota is met at breakfast, lunch and ....well sometimes at dinner too.

John's sister Layne is a lobsterman (pronounced "lobstermin" to blur the gender designation). And she likes to keep a jar of pickled eggs on her boat for long trip out to sea hauling traps. She inspired John to make a batch for long trips across the brassica field dragging discs. This surf and turf brother sister team....all that money their parent's spent on liberal art's educations only to find they have 2 very smart, thoughtful and wise blue collar children conversing over a holiday table about pickled eggs and the politics of working farms and waterfronts in Maine. People will do what it takes to live in Maine (whose population is declining), amongst the trees and the ocean and the mountains, far from rush hour traffic.

Things are still pretty frozen here. At dinner the other night I commenced a moratorium on complaining about the weather. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it but wait, cultivating our patience. For the first time in 13 years we told our crew they would need to hold off on starting. There just isn't enough for them to work on with 2 feet of snow still blanketing some spots of the farm. Normally, the first week of April we are spreading composts and prepping beds. The greenhouse is bursting with seedlings in anticipation but the tractor sits still as the long winter lingers.

With all this "extra" time, we're pickling eggs, drinking milk, making custard, baking quiche and wondering what we might do with the collection of tongues in our freezer. Seems as if we have amassed a few from the livestock that have come and gone at the farm. The bacon and the chops and the roasts seem to move quickly but no brave souls have reached for the tongues. I've heard it can be tasty. I'm waiting for the inspired cook to come along and have a go at it. I'm up for a taste.

We are signing up campers for the summer, preschoolers and homeschoolers for our spring programs. April vacation camp still has some spots. And, there are CSA shares still available. It's hard to believe we'll be harvesting lettuce and peonies for our customers in 2 months. I can hardly wait!

We're still uncertain as to the shelf life of a pickled egg, leaving lots of speculation and fun lunchtime chatter. And, seriously....if you're up for cooking a tongue, I have 4. How funny would it be to do a tongue giveaway? Ha!.....Let's try it! Leave a comment in the comments section if you want one! Beef or pork. (This is what you might call a spontaneous brainstorm)

Blessings on the meal-

PS.... I just had to throw some winter flowering in here....there's just not a good picture of a frozen tongue to be had in these parts.



  1. I will not soon forget the first time I had beef tongue. I moved from a small town outside of Nashville in 1978 to the Bronx. Tried tongue tip sandwich at a wonderful Jewish deli in the Bronx. Loved it! Have never tried making it, but am game to try. Moved from NYC 32 years ago. In Maine the past 28 years. Still miss the pizza and deli sandwiches.
    Love your pics!. Waiting to hear the peepers...

  2. I don't suppose your giveaway extends to southeastern Pennsylvania, does it? Tongue is our favorite meal! We have only two in our freezer which doesn't make enough tacos for our (insanely voracious) family of six. Three is the minimum required amount. :) If you'd like our recipe, I'd be happy to share.

    So, you don't refrigerate the eggs while they pickle? Will you share the recipe? Is that raw apple cider vinegar in the mason jar?

  3. Wow! Wonderful photos! Thank you!

  4. Wonderful stuff. I just discovered this blog and I'm glad. I can relate to so much of what you say and how you say it. As a new farmer myself, I've been weary in ways I couldn't have anticipated, and also filled to the brim with love and beauty and just all that abundance- both literal and otherwise. Thanks for paving the way and sharing bits of your story. I needed it tonight. Anyway, I was weighing in to tell you that a freezer full of beef tongue is heaven for me. I grew up on it (that and pickled eggs and beets!)- it was the dish we had at family gatherings and requested for birthdays. I don't think twice about the fact that it's a tongue, it's just GOOD. I did a post about it a while back, and thought I'd share it with you: