Monday, February 9, 2015

2014 Recap in Photos

Given all the whiteness outside our windows, I thought you all might enjoy a little colorful memory of the 2014 flower season here at Broadturn Farm. We had, by all accounts, a fabulous year.
We are preparing in earnest for 2015. Seeds have arrived and are all organized on their shelves. Google spreadsheets are thick with details of when, where and how. We are rested and vacationed and having a great time meeting prospective couples, talking to new camp families and thinking about the best combinations of vegetables to harvest for the CSA each week. Cucumbers and dill. Rosemary, garlic and fingerling potatoes. The grilling medley: summer squash, eggplant and peppers. That end game dream is where we start in the planning. What do we want and when, is that possible in our climate and can we pull it off.... those are the first questions. From there, we decide on which field to plant each crop, what amendments are needed for everything, how best to plant things to make cultivation, irrigation and harvest simple and straightforward. It's a logic puzzle every year. It gets a little easier but then we muck it up by adding something new. Lilies anyone? How about 100 ft of clematis? Did you say you could use some okra? 12 acres? Do we need to open up another one?

Without further ado....