Friday, February 28, 2014

Changing and Rearranging

I'm one of those people who like to move the furniture around from time to time. And, for some reason, cabin fever perhaps, we decided that I ought to move our virtual furniture around and give our website a redo. Oh my gosh....I am beyond bleary eyed. Checking links, looking at formatting on different browsers....Mac, PC, iPhone. Phew. This website work is for real.
Our gardening neighbors who dabble in raising their own food come to us with demure comments, like "yeah, the tomatoes did well this year; we got some chickens this summer; looking forward to putting in our fruit trees in our backyard..." Now we feel like the table has turned and I'm going up to our web developer friends, "yeah, we're getting good web traffic; the drop-down menus are really good this year; oh, we are looking forward to embedding some shopping cart functionalities in back-end." (I'm not sure what that really means).

Every few years when we make a major shift in the website, I realize how colossal (in the small business kind of way) our little business has become.
And, in launching our new site, we are also launching our newest employee, Kristie Green. Kristie comes to us with THE BEST gelato recipe in her back pocket as the founder of Maple's Organics. She has a mountain of skills in small business development, as well as experience from a prior career-- education in the classroom. Since moving on from the business of deliciousness, she helped the Long Barn Educational Initiative get off the ground. Now (most exciting for us) she is taking on the role of Education Director here at Broadturn Farm. She will manage all the day-to-day operations of all things educational, including summer camp, April Vacation Camp, and our PreSchool and Homeschool programs. Kristie is also excited to strengthen our partnerships with local schools, building on her experience as a teacher in the local districts. We are over the moon to have her! And, we are PUMPED to have some farm fresh gelato at camp this summer with our new resident frozen dairy specialist, I mean education director.

So....with that, I give you the launch of our new site, the start of summer camp sign-up and another day in the polar vortex.

Blessings on the Meal,

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