Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Last Harvest

The last of the crops are coming in now. What crops remain in the field are a catalog of our shortcomings: potatoes with pest damage, radicchio plants that did not have time to "head up." These leeks have just barely kept their heads above the weeds, but they are delicious.
The last of the celery is also standing tall to say the least. Both of these crops were among the first to get seeded in the spring. Congratulations to them for staying healthy and vibrant.  
 Some of these parsnips we are harvesting this week, but we will leave most in the ground for the winter, and dig them up right around maple syrup season.

We may also see some spinach next spring, as long as the snow pack is deep and the ground stays insulated from the freeze/thaw pendulum which usually happens on either side of our Maine winter.
But before we talk about spring, we will have some time to rest. Fall is my favorite season. There is good eating, Nature is shifting through truly beautiful phases, and our work allows for more introverted focus. This week, part of that work (though it is not our hands-- thanks to Robbie and Jon) is the ell of the barn. 

Check out their work if you get a chance. Barns only get undressed and resided once every fifty years or so... as I say that I have to acknowledge that Jon, Robbie, and others have torn down and built up some part of one building every year over the last 8! We are all looking forward to a few decades without having to catch up with what the Scarborough Land Trust calls "deferred maintenance." 

This is not the last Blog post... we will keep you up to speed with our slow season. But, this is...
The LAST Harvest:
Lettuce --little heads

 Thanks again for a great season. And another reminder to share with us you feedback, positive or negative, so long as it is constructive so we might improve.

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