Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aged Glory

Indoors, the big seasonal shift has happened for me, the woodstove has been lit a few times and I have traded the white wine for red while nibbling cheese and preparing dinner. Whatever its worth, this shift to red really marks the change for me. The biggest challenge seems to be that its dark so much earlier and I struggle with whether I should prepare another cup of tea or if cocktail hour has arrived. 

These self-imposed limitations I believe to be the collection of so much societal expectation I carry around. Most days, I say pour the wine. 

Outside, the farm is in a state of aged glory. The colors and textures are magnificent and the angle of the October sun sets a glow about the place that has me settled once again on this work as the work I want to keep doing. In August, when we took our week off, I knew it would be followed by a pace and an intensity that would take our breath away. Now, being squarely on the other side of the whirlwind, the reflection has started. The pace that ensued from late August until now found tandem with the pace of the farm's changes. Everything seems to flush out that last bit of growth, the last stretch to produce seed before the cold of winter sends us all into hibernation. Our little business has been working hard to cut and sell all the blooms and harvest and market all the produce possible before the end comes.

Personally, October is also my birthday month. I find myself at the eve of 40. I feel very much like I'm in that place of aged glory like our farm in October. Next week, I leave for a trip with 2 very dear college friends. We're all celebrating moving into our 40th year together, just the 3 of us, no kids, no partners. I woke up this morning knowing I was grinding my teeth all night, anxious about, of all things, packing for my trip. John has been reminding me that I'm not going to the moon. Global commerce has made it possible for me to get almost anything I might need anywhere in the developed world. I'm also worried I might miss something at home, some moment, some event, some growth. 
(for John's 40th solo trip: the Moon. -ed)

I've never traveled abroad without family. I know they'll be fine without me. I suspect there is something bittersweet about that reality. Either way, I'll send the cyber world some postcards via Instagram and Facebook while I'm away. And when I return, I'll get right back to it, planting 8000 bulbs, digging a ton of dahlias to store, talking to wedding and flower clients for the 2014 season and chopping wood for my 40th winter. And, of course, I'll take red please.

Some things to mention that aren't solely about me:

  • FLORA*BLISS, our Dooryard Farmstand will close Friday, October 18th for the season. We will re-open again in the spring with seedlings and strawberries. If you have a credit share, make sure to use it up prior to the 18th.
  • FLORA*BLISS, our Urban Farmstand at Aurora will continue to be stocked with cut flowers until the frost takes them, and we will continue to stock it with produce until we run out. 
  • We will gladly take floral design orders throughout the winter season!
  • Next week is our final Produce CSA distribution. We welcome any feedback you might have for us regarding the CSA. We will open up for sign-ups in November for the 2014 season. 
This Week's Harvest:
Brussels Sprouts-- these stalks don't look as nice as I wish... but, better than none?
Hot peppers
Butternut Squash

Blessings on the meal, 



  1. That is a gorgeous photo of you, Stacy. And congrats on 40!

  2. Hurrah for you and yours! Lovely post and nice way to celebrate a special time with friends. Enjoy all. Your flowers are all so beautiful!

  3. Happy birthday Stacy!
    all good wishes!
    Rosie (old friend from Kripalu prenatal yoga training)

  4. happy birthday. 40 is a wonderful number. may it bring you blessings.