Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's in the share

Today's harvest included:
Lettuce: In this cold spring, (yes, it is still spring... until the 21st) some of our crops have been slow to grow. Such is the case with our lettuce. Veterans of the CSA know that we try to have lettuce every week in the share. Its easy to make a salad, and good to be able to count on it. Its a regular. Though small this week...
Raab: I hate the name of this green: Broccoli Raab is not broccoli. The tiny little floret that sometimes forms tastes nothing like broccoli, and you eat the whole thing, leaves, stem, flower and all. It is best washed and sauteed quickly in garlicy oil or butter in a hot pan or wok. Add lemon juice or a bit of vinegar, and these mix with the water and juices as the raab wilts down. Just a couple minutes and then put it on your fresh crust of baguette, and your warm poached eggs.
Turnips: Not radishes, and not beets. These are summer turnips. Don't cook them! Just slice them thin and eat them on a salad, or just straight. The same goes for last week's white turnips. The greens are also very worth while.

Cabbage: We love cabbage at Broadturn Farm. We hope you like it too. What is the best thing to do with fresh cabbage? I might say cole slaw since there are hundreds of interesting variations on it. However, the best thing to do with too much cabbage is definitely sauerkraut. Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz is a life changing book. I'll spare you my enthusiasm... until another newsletter.

Garlic Scapes: These little curly sprouts are the emerging flower stalk of garlic and they have all the great flavor of garlic. Use it the same way you would garlic.
Spinach: As with lettuce we like to depend on spinach, and in the spring and fall we grow many successions of it. This first cutting took too much time, and we are thinking of doing a soil test in the bed where it grew to see if there is too much or too little of anything in the soil that might have limited its growth. Ah, farming... always a problem to solve.
Arugula: Added to your salad, along with the small portion of spinach, arugula can be counted on for a little kick. Not too much we hope.
Strawberries: Berries are here again for a short while. Just a few weeks of heavy picking, a few weeks of running out of containers, throwing away moldy fruit (it has been too rainy for berries), a few weeks of answering phone calls about pick your own strawberries (no), and a few weeks of the most delicious fruit anywhere.
And if you have a flower share, you'll get some yummy peonies. They last and last, and get better as they open slowly over the week.
And here are some more photos of the week.
 We'll try to get these posts up on Monday, but its been busy around here... 
Blessings on the meal

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