Monday, June 3, 2013

Gearing up for the 2013 Inaugural CSA distribution

This coming week begins our weekly PRODUCE CSA harvest and distribution. We sent an email out to PRODUCE shareholders last week announcing the start of things. If you did not receive it, send an email to Stacy and let her know so she can update your email contact.

The FLOWER CSA folks will have to wait another week. The peonies are so close but they need a little more time.

Produce CSA harvest...week 1
Basil Seedling
Beet Greens
Pac Choi
We are perennially self conscious about the size of the share the first few weeks. The spring start is always unpredictable. We go from wood stove running to 90 degrees in 24 hours. I imagine it's as startling to the plants as it is to us. I'm so irritable in the heat. At any rate, there are a few yummy things ready that won't hold on if we postpone another week. Our hope is that the reasonable temps expected for the coming week will help the plants settle back into a nice growth pattern. me settle into a less grouchy pattern. I'm wilty above 82.

With the gentle handling...
the walking back and forth...
the consulting...

...inspecting things, arranging things... 

...sometimes things are out of our control. 
The weather is the usual contender but this weekend, it was "tech".  Our computer got memory loss...We are awaiting the verdict about the potential for repair but it appears dire. Maybe there is a CSA member in our midst with some expertise in this department. All of our dissecting tools are more appropriate for 1960s era tractors. It takes more and more these days to be the Jack-of-All-Trades!

 This week, rather than shopping for underwear, we may be shopping for a new laptop. I'd much rather spend time with the flowers than computer shopping. Maybe there is a personal shopper in our CSA membership?

Please let us know if you have any questions about CSA pick-up. Call, text or email Stacy (207.233.1178)

-Blessings on the meal-

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