Monday, December 31, 2012

Vampires and the Left Coast

Shortly after the election, we capped the season off with a trip to the Pacific Northwest to learn more about growing cut flowers. We set this trip up so John and I would fly out ahead of the girls for a few days and then they would join us once our flower farming conference ended. After years of dragging these girls on one too many farm tours, we've learned that unless the farm has a trampoline
or we can lock the girls in the car with a laptop and a movie, the day will be a top notch flop.

Our flight arrived in the evening. I had some wild notion that everyone would be smoking joints in Washington State when we got off the plane, but I guess the legalization of the marijuana doesn't kick in for a bit. We were greeted by rain, 

which I might add lasted the entire visit, with the exception of one morning during a ferry ride.

The best part about the conference and all the fabulous farm tours was the connection with talented flower farmers and designers from around the country.

The future is bright for local cut flowers. An hour spent learning a bit about the imported cut flower industry is enough to encourage unparalleled support for local flower farmers. We came back with a renewed vigor for producing the finest cut flowers on our farm and scheming ways to get our flowers in to more hands and on more tables.

When the girls arrived, we headed out to Orcas Island to visit some friends who have a farm there.

 Actually, they have a little heaven all their own out there.

 It's always a delight to see old friends and catch up, drink too much wine and eat our fill of smoked salmon. Orcas Farm knocked our socks off. The girls didn't want to leave. The promise of a vampire sighting and hikes in the rainforest were hardly enough.

 Molly and George plied us with rabbit and chicken and produce from their farm. And they never once asked us to load the woodstove. It was a vacation in the truest sense. What I loved most about the time we spent with them was leaving with a vision of their beautiful life together, their tranquil space, and the wonder they have created around themselves.

 It was a confirmation that my dear college friend is sustained, happy and loved. And now when I think of her and of George, I can see them in their life and know that all is well. 

When we got home....Flora had the flu, John hurt his back and I loaded the woodstove and milked the cow and re-acquainted myself with EBay through a series of used holiday present purchases. I love re-gifting. I will admit that between EBay auctions ending and searching for new ones, I did get obsessed with how much I hate our couch. Of course, I then went down this deep dark rabbit hole about the presence of carcinogenic flame retardants in upholstered furniture. I won't take you down with me unwillingly, but if you want to read about it: here and here, you will be as incensed as I am. The "eco-couch" I'm lusting after was vetoed by my family, anxious that I would be a total freakshow about sticky fingers and popcorn nibblets. I ditched the hateful old couch so now we are light on seating while I scheme an alternative.

 No one is complaining currently. I think they are just glad to have my rant about chemical companies quieting as I move on to talking shit about the NRA

Then this past Friday, with wellness about in the house we made 100+ boutonnieres with gorgeous roses generously donated by our favorite floral wholesaler at the Boston Flower Exchange, Chester Brown. David Brown was more than delighted to offer some gorgeous flowers on the occasion of the first same sex weddings in Maine. Standing in front of City Hall, surrounded by friends and neighbors and goodness, the mood was jubilant as we all witnessed history. There were cheers and tears and song and cupcakes and yes, our boutonnieres went quickly. I can't remember feeling so happy, except maybe at my own wedding. When we finally got home, sometime after 2 AM, all I could think about was how great it will be when the Supreme Court recognizes that marriage equality is a civil rights issue, affording all the federal benefits of marriage without discrimination to citizens across the country. I can't wait to witness that history.  

Blessings on the meal-


  1. Beautiful post. Thank you and all the best in 2013.

  2. sustained, happy, and loved.

    Well now that made me cry.

  3. both the coasts are so beautiful. :)
    your friend's farm (and yours) are slices of heaven for sure!