Thursday, October 4, 2012

Putting Grouchy in my Pocket

Whenever my kids are grouchy, I always tell them to put grouchy away in their pocket. It drives them crazy. They hate hearing it. And, you know what....I do too. I realized I've been super grouchy. It may be the darkening of the days, the incessant news of the election, the exhaustion of a long season. Needless to say, its always an eye opener when you hear yourself in your children.

Example: Flora says to me, "FYI mom, you neeeeeed to put that grouchy back in your pocket, like now." She's unfortunately learned to roll her eyes and have perfect intonation from her teenage sister.

Hearing yourself in your children is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. But, they are right. It's time to tuck that little beast away. It's October. There's more time to cook now that the days are shorter, stews to make, and nesting to be done as we gear up to snuggle away the winter by the wood-stove. And the days are crisp, with high blue skies to work under, harvesting storage crops, the last of the flowers and 4 more weeks of produce for our CSA customers.

We are making our winter project lists and prioritizing what will actually get done. My priorities include learning to reupholster (I scored a chair with some great bones this spring at the town dump),

building a new couch (or convincing John to do this for me), and building a new table for our kitchen. Last winter was all about welding. This year, during the quiet of winter we get time to try something new.

So, I've put grouchy back in my pocket for the time being.

(smiling big as we finish our last big flower weekend of the season)

And, I'm super ready for a big party.....Feastland is this weekend, tickets are still available and there is plenty of fun to be had. The food is going to prove amazing! The music and the installation art will showcase what makes SPACE Gallery such a great partner to work with.

And then, if that isn't enough.....You can join us for our annual Turkey Processing Workshop. NEXT WEEKEND!!!!! Read more and register through our non-profit educational partner....The Long Barn. Read about last year's Turkey workshop here. And if you want an additional primer on processing poultry and eating meat, you can read this.

Finally......The Long Barn is hosting a delightful event at the end of the month....Family Friendly and full of song, we'll be led by Fulbright Scholar and farmer, Bennett Konesni, in song as we shuck and plant garlic. Read more about the Long Barn's Harvest Festival here. A day full of music, food, lite farm work and community, its sure to be fun.

This week's harvest includes:

  • lettuce
  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • peppers
  • tomatoes
  • sungold cherry tomatoes
  • cauliflower
  • squash
  • watermelon radish
  • cilantro or dill
  • beets
  • mibuna
  • garlic
Blessings on the meal-

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