Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures of Vegetables

In the height of the season, with flowers in full force, vegetables and herbs flying out of the fields, Stacy and I  battle over blog content. She would have a flower focus...
I would have a vegetable focus...

But now with the season nearing the end, with cold nights, the farm can feel a little like a Robert Frost poem: "After Pepper Picking"...
"The Row Not Picked"...
Stacy has that farmer ailment known as September-itus, and the ball is in my court for blog pictures. Don't get me wrong, I love the flowers, and I know there are loyal blog readers who want to see the blooms. But we've got paying customers out there who might want to know how the fields are doing.
They're looking great...
Fennel in fall glory
 Sweet potatoes getting ready to join us in the above ground world
 Leeks getting dug after a long summer in the soil
The Harvest
Arugula --We've gotten rave reviews for this so here's more!
Mizuna -- This is a close relative, eaten raw or slightly wilted.
Black Radish -- This is one of those storage radishes, which has great flavor, and a cool russet skin
Cauliflower -- Great heads so far-- try not to touch the white part until you eat it!
 A small pine forest of rosemary, so fresh it has an almost creamy smell.
Sorry for the late posting. We'll sit Stacy down in front of some television and she will soon get over her September-itus...
Blessings on the meal!


  1. such a common affliction for stewards of the earth! i use the phrase "i've got the itus!" on many occasions..autumn is very "itus inducing" indeed!

  2. That's what it is, September-itus. We farm and I have to say, September is my least favourite month. Just an overload of fruit and veg. and the start of all things fall-as in school and activities. It's the end and it's the beginning and it's just too much for one month. And getting in firewood---right on that!