Tuesday, August 21, 2012


When we approach the blog, we try to keep it real, try not to be too saccharine,

(pouring honey from the extractor)

try to tell some of the realities. But we know, when you read about the farm, and if we are trying to market our flowers and produce, the message you most want to hear is one of beauty, life, inspiration. Historically, that seems to be what sells stuff.

But the reality is we are cynical, there are dirty parts of the day, bad stuff happens once in awhile and even with the righteous work of farming, we lose our way, we lose perspective,  

 we argue with one another and then we take a vacation. Which is exactly where we are headed this week. We really need a break. 

 September is going to settle in on us with tons of food and flowers to be harvested and many weddings left to dress up for. 

After today's harvest, off we go. 5 Days, no work.

Next week is the last week for Flower CSA and Summerfolk CSA shares. After Labor Day, we'll start gearing up for processing some of the livestock and poulty, filling the freezers, stocking the shelves and maybe, if John has his way, cutting a bit of precious firewood. We're already planning the fields for next season, taking notes on this season's successes and failures, and preparing the fields for the ever important task of growing a cover crop.

But for now, we are still celebrating the last of summer. Even though the mornings are a bit darker when we roll out of bed and the evenings are cooler and there are a few trees with a hint of color, (yes, we are the first ones to notice!) we're going to take at least one last big inhale before we dive back in again for the last hooray of the summer season.

This Week's Harvest: 
Hot Peppers (poblanos)
Bell Peppers
Banana Peppers
Beet Greens
Purple Top Turnips

And, if you are a lover of the eggplant, there are plenty on the extras table!

Blessings on the meal


  1. Have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation!

  2. love this!

    have a wonderful and much needed break.

  3. Know that at least on reader, a fellow New Hampshire farmer, got the pun/joke/wit. May your days go swimmingly. Will