Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After some time away...

5 days goes fast, and so much change happens while one's eyes are turned away.
Giant mutant sunflowers are taking over....

                                   (photo credit: Flora Bliss, age 6)
The tomatoes are fruiting like crazy. If the warm weather holds, there is so much fruit to ripen on the plants.
Moon and Stars watermelons respond to the thump of the farmer, yielding a hopeful echo indicating ripeness.
The ones that split in the field are warm, sweet and delicious. The finest in-field treat you can imagine, rivaling only the strawberry for these farm folk.

So, while we reacquaint ourselves with the farm, catch up on the treats that are ready to be harvested, we remember with a warm heart, a lovely holiday.

  Such a holiday is only made possible with the most able of help. Our crew deserves a hearty thanks...y'all are the best.  

This week's harvest: 

  1. lettuce

  1. peppers
  2.  (a few sweet, and serve yourself some hot ones if you want them)

  1. eggplant

  1. melons

  1. fennel

  1. parsley

  1. beets

  1. carrots
  1. basil
  1. kale

  1. onions

  1. potatoes

  1. tomatoes

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