Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beginning the Season

CSA distributions will start next week, Tuesday June 14th.

Deciding when to begin bringing in the harvest is sometimes a tricky thing. This year we were looking forward to starting this first week in June, but we have decided to push harvests back until next week. The Spinach is definitely ready-- we had some in a salad last night and it was scrumptious. But the Lettuce is smallish, as are few other things. This spring, compared to the past few years has been a cold one. But compared to "normal" seasons, the rain, the cold, and more recently the heat, is pretty on target for what spring should be. So things are going reasonably well, and starting next week, June 14th, we'll begin to harvest for the CSA distributions, both produce and flower shares. You can celebrate Flag Day by eating delicious, seasonal produce!

We start the month of June being honest farmers: rising at 5 to get seedlings planted or greens harvested . We'll follow this schedule until the days start getting shorter, usually September. Our crew is surely looking forward to this Monday morning wake-up, as are we all. Although it can be difficult depending on what happened the night before, we all want to brag to our grandchildren about those early mornings on the farm.

(We have not formally introduced the crew yet this year because we traditionally wait for an early morning photo-op of the crew for that weeks blog posting... )

Also a photo tradition: All smiles showing off a nice piece of equipment before we drag it through the dirt!  It's only shiny once!

If you are a meal planner, or just looking to get eating and searching out recipes, here's some of what you can expect in next week's share:
A tomato seedling....there are some sungold cherry tomatoes and some large heirlooms

And a quick glance under the white row cover, protecting the greens from a hearty population of flea beetles, reveals a few things that are almost ready...arugala, broccoli raab, kale and Napa Cabbage. The strawberries are flowering and the garlic looks like it might send up scapes at any moment. Get your knives sharpened and your cutting boards ready!

Blessings on the meal-

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