Monday, May 9, 2011

Flora*Bliss Opens This Summer::A Dooryard Farmstand

For 5 years, we have been looking out of our bedroom window every morning, checking on the weather, the animals in the pasture, the snowfall and the blooms in the dooryard garden, always wondering if what we refer to as the Schoolhouse Barn is still standing. It is an iconic building in our dooryard, topped with a cupola. 

The cupola is one of the first things you see as you crest the hill on Broadturn Road approaching the farm. Since arriving here and taking up residence, the future of the building has been uncertain.

But, thanks to a few stars aligning in just the right way, we will be opening up Flora*Bliss at Broadturn Farm this summer, a farm stand and floral design studio space, selling organic produce, cut flowers and general farm goodness.

We have a ton of folks to thank....first off, the Scarborough Land Conservation Trust, who has worked closely with us in developing a long term lease arrangement, making it more suitable for us to invest in the property as a way to invest in our business.

Larry Wagner, formerly of Eider Construction, saved the barn from falling with some elegant bracing last winter. 

Jon Courtney and Robbie Alden, of timberframer fame, are re-building the barn.

Limington Lumber generously donated the flooring and Deering lumber provided free delivery of the boards. We are forever grateful to all of these folks for their hands.

We can't wait to welcome you in to Flora*Bliss when the doors are ready to open. (There are no doors to speak of currently).

We'll keep you updated on the progress. Until then, plan to include a stop at Flora*Bliss on your weekly food shopping ventures this summer.

Blessings on the meal,
The Bliss Family


  1. How exciting to see the timberframers at work again there.

    Heather here; your first wedding amidst the completion and rogue inspection of the big barn. It's been fun to keep tabs on your family and farm through this blogathingy. We hope to swing by in August when we are there, to walk through the memories of our wedding (a day only recently eclipsed by the birth of our kiddo Oscar). John, oddly, one of the crystal clear memories of that day is of jouncing in your truck through the field where we married, discussing the finer lines in Goodnight Moon. Go figure.

    Goodnight nobody, Goodnight mush,


  2. What a fantastic idea!!!

    Nyki Greene

  3. Congratulations, John and Stacy! I love the name :-)

    We will miss being part of the CSA this summer...I'm home this year and can focus more on our backyard garden and growing our own. Good luck with Flora*Bliss!

    Gretchen Hartley

  4. Yeah, congratulations Stacy, I can't wait to see it! xo Michelle

  5. So glad you are able to save the barn!