Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Trip to the Feed Store

Today, I want to take you all on a trip to our local feed store, Longhorn. Here at Broadturn, we love the

Metcalf's and all they bring to our community. We see farm neighbors, customers and friends at the feed store. And always, we find a few treasures.

A trip to the feed store is an easy sell for a child whose preference is usually to stay at the farm whenever given the choice to accompany one of us on an errand run. I admit to occasionally dragging a patient cat along in the car as a bribe when the feed store is not a stop on our list as an alternative to leaving a 4 year old home alone.

Most importantly, the feed store is a celebration of our local economy. Keeping farmland in active, commercial production, encouraging a gardener, bolstering the possibility of backyard chickens in urban and suburban areas, and facilitating the resurgence of homesteading are all possible with a strong feed store in the community. In turn, our feed store relies on our work, our purchases, our success. This is the essence of a true partnership within a vibrant community.

Do you need a half a dozen pullets to replenish your laying flock?

Looking for some local eggs, butter and syrup?  Do you make beautiful, wooden, handcrafted chicken crates and want a place to sell them?

 Longhorn's selection is varied, eclectic and always
worth a visit.

Rob, CeCe, Bev, Jared and the gang are always available to answer questions and help you source a product.

Make a day of hiking the trails here at Broadturn Farm this week during April vacation, park on the circle and find the trailhead for the loop trail right behind the outhouses. Then, enjoy your picnic at the farm before you head over to check out all there is to see at Longhorn. I hear there is a deal on baby guinea pigs this week!

Blessings on the meal-


  1. I concur with everything you said about the amazing folks at Longhorn. We were so lucky to discover them way back when they were still in Scarborough (on the corner of Haigis Parkway and Route One, where Tim Horton's is now). Back then, we just had rabbits, but since, we've added chickens and ducks to our suburban "homestead", and we were so lucky to have Longhorn to help us make that expansion.

    In fact, we're picking up our first batch of broilers from them on Friday, and like your little one, my girls are always interested in accompanying me, if the stop is Longhorn ;).

    Next time you head over there, be sure to try talking them out of moving to Kentucky ;). We need them here in Maine ;)!

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