Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

New Year's 2011 was ushered in by some supplemental feedings. On Thursday morning, we woke to the birth of triplets. Usually, ewes (female sheep) with triplets are not fully capable of rearing 3 strong lambs and with the cold temperatures, we want to make sure everyone has a good start. So, the two ram (male) lambs and the one ewe (female) lamb are getting a bit of cow's milk by bottle a few times a day.

The mama ewe was a twin, rejected by her mom, and bottle fed by Emma. The mama ewe is named Goldie but the lambs are yet unnamed. 

In addition, we launched our 2011 CSA sign ups this week. You can read more here and access the sign up form here.

Blessings on the New Year from all of us at Broadturn Farm,
Stacy, John, Emma and Flora
Lucy, Blackberry,
Agatha, Hera Zephyr, Goldie and her babies
Goose, Rigby, Baby Kitten
Peep and the chickens
the Geese and the Ducks
Window Seat, Dotty, ChewChew

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