Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We survived the blizzard, despite the fact that at times it felt like the house would blow away. Here are some images from our snowy day.

The week between Christmas and New Year's never presents a tons of productivity but a few things have happened that are worthy of noting. A delicious sour cherry pie was fashioned out of cherries from our dear friend Chris that have been waiting in the deep freeze all season along

with a crust of our butter and lard. YUM!

And a new bed was fashioned by John for our bedroom out of beams formerly holding together an indoor grain silo in the long dairy barn.

 After being removed from the barn, these beams were used the support the intern cabins when they were being moved. The headboard was part of a chicken brooder in the attic of the Ell barn. The foot board was a piece to the horse powered cider press that use to occupy the center of the first floor of the Ell. Now, they will be the bones of our bed frame and the support of our dreams. Working with wood that has a story, reused, re-purposed and still full of life for our home carries on the story.

So that's the news from the we are off to enjoy a walk in the snowy woods. The wind has finally stopped blowing and the 40 degree temperature is just right for strolling. Unfortunately, the drifts create too many bald spots for a ski. 

Blessings on the meal-

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