Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quality of Life

"Keep note of discoveries, too, since it is easy to forget even the greatest ideas when six weeks have passed."
Julia Child

As we approach the Solstice and the welcome return of the light, our vacation ends and we regroup around the wood stove to evaluate, learn, plan and create strategy (over a game of chess) about what direction to take the farm. We pull out our notes from the summer, solicit feedback from employees and customers and from each other. And we remember that it is essential to budget a line for Quality of Life

(Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua)

and recognize the qualitative value related to a consideration of your joy and contentment when regrouping. Our Quality of Life was greatly improved by a 3 week trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

And now, with our heads full from the New England Vegetable and Berry Growers Conference last week, we are settling in to biting cold temperatures and the coming of snow, by banking the fire on the hearth.

Here are some of our updates:
  • We are looking for interns for 2010! The ideal intern is willing to work long hours in exchange for: an experiential learning opportunity, room and farm food board, as well as a modest stipend. Read more on our website and send your inquiry to us via email.

  • We are ready to start signing CSA members up for the 2010 season. We are going to be offering both produce and cut flower shares this year. We will not be increasing our price. Vegetable shares will be $500 and Flower shares will be $100. You can access the online sign up form here. This stands to be a FANTASTIC last minute holiday gift, especially the Flower CSA!

  • With hesitation, we are planning to discontinue Farm Camp. We anticipate some disappointment from the community. In order to continue Farm Camp, it would require a major financial investment in infrastructure on the farm to have an indoor facility for inclement weather. Families are always welcome to come and visit the farm, walk or ski the new trail that starts behind the outhouse, and explore the fields and woods.
  • So, how are we going to make up that income you ask?

  • Well, we are hoping to book another few weddings this year and we are gearing up to produce more wedding flower services! You don't have to be getting married at the farm to have our flowers grace your tables, lapels, and flower girls.
  • Lastly, we are still uncertain as to our future at the Scarborough Farmer's Market. The market vendors are in conversation about the specifics for next season. We plan to participate in one of the areas markets and you all will be the first to know which one that is. For now, we are holding off on selling Farmer's Market shares.

As we welcome the light back into our lives (that blessed solstice), we look to the coming year with great hope. We will be posting twice a month updates about the winter and spring here on the blog, filling you all in on the birth of the lambs and arrival of new steel for the field!

All our best to you for a holiday filled with goodness.
(these are stockings)
Blessings on the meal,
Stacy, John, Emma and Flora

(Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua)

PS....If you are curious about how the farm survived while we where away, please check out a wonderful series of postcards from the farm while it was being cared for by our dear friends...Many hands of thanks to our Farm sitters for their generous gift of time.

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