Monday, July 27, 2009

24 Hours of Heaven

After many weeks with no time away from the farm, we took a little 24 hour break (24 hours of heaven!) . John rowing, and Stacy doing the hard work of taking the picture (those are her boots up.)
Time off can be so essential to mental health. It allows perspective in a tough season like this one. Truth be told, we slept more than we were awake, but we ate and talked and laughed and rowed and floated.
We went to visit John's sister, Layne, who lobsters. We enjoyed a great surf and turf dinner and exchanged battle stories about trying to procure food from nature. If there is enough interest, Layne would be willing to bring some of her lobsters to the farm and offer them to our CSA. Here is her boat "True Blue."
Back at the farm the weeds are still going strong, but there is hope down the road that food may start to come forth!

The harvest:
Sugar Snap Peas
Green Beans
Pac Choi

If you struggle with what to do with the greens and have trouble getting through them each week, consider chopping them up, stuffing them into a ziploc freezer bag and freezing them to be added to a winter soup. Treat them like frozen spinach, not great alone, but a great addition to a soup or bean stew. Celery tops can also be saved this way to flavor a broth or soup in the winter.

Happy Birthday Flora!

Blessings on the meal,
John and Stacy

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