Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day 2009

Groundhog Day is also known as Candlemas Day-- no doubt a Christian take on a pagan tradition. The New England farmer's saying is: "Half your wood, and half your hay, you better have left on Candlemas Day." Which is very relevant to me of course, being stressed out on both budgets! It's typical that such a firm rule-- warning, really-- come to us from an old folk tradition. You wouldn't hear that kind of advise coming from the University Agriculture educators, (or maybe it just wouldn't stick in my head as well!) Groundhog Day is also dear to us because it is the one holiday specifically about the weather. And the weather matters quite a lot here on the farm. By the way, it was cloudy for most of yesterday, which is a sign of Spring being close!

February started with the birth of a new lamb. She appears to be healthy and nursing well. Or as Flora is fond of saying "Baby Lambie's having ta-ta's". She has been a good source of support to get the kids out of the house and into the barn for some chore time duties.
The cold temperatures and heavy snowfall have also contributed to cabin fever for all of us. Yesterday, John and Stacy worked on getting the tractor through the snow to the woods to collect some additional firewood. Flora moved out of the house and is now residing in her snow cave. Emma turned us on to Skype and we spent the afternoon Skyping with two women of Women's Garden Cycles Bike Tour fame who are traveling around Chile and learning about sustainable farming. I can't wait to see their film! They are interested in joining us this season as interns. For John and I as virgin Skypers, it was great fun. At the risk of sounding like I'm developing agoraphobia, I've been daydreaming about never leaving the house for another meeting again. I'm just going to sit by the woodstove and conduct all my business by Skyping.
This week also started the work of making our way through the CSA waiting list. We decided to move the list and our sign up forms into the 21st century and they are now online. Thanks to Google Docs, you fill out the form and it generates a lovely spreadsheet for me. No more data entry for me! Next season....we're going robotic.

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