Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July wedding

We hosted our first wedding party of the season this past weekend. It featured our food and flowers.
Best thing about the night was dessert: gelato from Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick... in the renovated English Barn! Everyone emerging from the barn had a huge smile on their face!
The party was great and went off "without a hitch". (The actual ceremony was at the beach, so indeed the party was hitch-less!)

The CSA harvests are chugging along. We made a nice QUICK dinner last week: pizza on some day-old bread with amazing toppings!
This week we have:
Red leaf lettuce
Green head lettuce
Squashes and Cucumbers
and a few extras: radishes and cabbage both of which did not fair well with the recent heat, and so are in limited supply.

We said "bon voyage" to our Belgian friend, Aurthur, this weekend. Thanks for the help these past three weeks! Here he is the way he would want to appear...

After the wedding we were able to scoot away for Flora's 5th birthday, to round out another busy week!!!

Blessings on the meal!


  1. How is it that 5 years has gone by??? glad to have found you here mama!

  2. Bunch of blower which you have in first pics are looking great. Finger like sticks give it starfish feel. Great job !!!

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