Friday, October 17, 2014

What success looks like

If you are new to the CSA, perhaps you would like some background on our squash history. You might notice the bulk bins in the barn, full of squash... umm, like 15... at least. Well, a mere three years ago we had a meager crop of exactly one distribution- two squashes per person for the whole fall, (and they were "Carnival" squashes, more appropriate for decoration than eating.) Last year was a bit better, but I told everyone to eat their squashes soon after pick-up since bugs had bitten-- or sucked actually; punctured with their sucking proboscises... proboscii...  anyway, their storage ability had been compromised.  Another crop failure.

This year, with focus and strategy, (and a proper Maine winter behind us) we had crop success. Those ten beds of squash, a bit over half an acre exploded with way more squash than we need. And it all should keep quite well tucked in your coat closet, under your bed, or in the attic (not the root cellar mind you... it likes steady 50 degrees and dry.) Of course we always aim high with production, so that we have extra to sell, and I am NOT COMPLAINING!... but wouldn't it be nice to have a bumper crop of berries instead? Just a little easier on the back...
So, we are loading you up with squash. Please do not feel compelled to take as much as the chalk board tells you to take. Take only what you think you can use; that is the CSA member ethic. And don't think about food going to waste. What we can not sell for a decent price (AKA we don't "dump" product on the market) we feed to our animals= not wasted; we donate as much as possible to food pantries= not wasted; we compost the rest which feeds the soil=not wasted.

The Harvest:
pac choi
brussels sprouts
be sure to get a buttercup whose flesh is very dry and flakey (which is good) and which we have failed extra hard in past years!

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