Monday, September 8, 2014

You Don't Bring Me Flowers, You Hardly Talk To Me Anymore

We did it! We cut and cut and cut and planned and strategized and woke up a few times with anxiety about things unraveling. But, between Thursday and Friday of last week, we installed our first gallery exhibit, Offrendes Florales, and we handed out bundles of free flowers to folks on the streets of Portland.

The whole goal was to spread the word about local flowers, increase awareness about the importance of considering the chain of events that occur when you purchase flowers, whether its locally or from a large retailer that imports flowers from abroad. We had hoped to use the forum of public art as a way to preach our message. What happened was much more fun than that! We made people smile, we surprised them with the gift of flowers, we talked with strangers and saw old friends, and all over the remarkable joy of flowers in hands.

Who knows if it worked.... But, what I do know is that my family and our crew had more fun than you can ever imagine giving flowers away to hundreds of folks who walked past SPACE Gallery on Friday.

When people would walk up they would say they had been seeing others with flowers all over the streets and were wondering where they came from. And they all would remark on the smell of the flowers as they approached our little display. It was heartwarming in the best kind of way. Worth the effort, for sure.

If you have time early this week, take a stroll past SPACE, at 538 Congress ST. The show will come down in a few days when the flowers are toast.

We're already jazzed up and scheming about our next project. Flowers: I can't think of anything I'd rather be working with.

Photo Credits: Amanda Soule Because of course I brought my camera with a dead battery. Thanks friend for sharing :)

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  1. It was so wonderful! The flower mandalas are exquisite. Everyone looked so happy to have flowers. My dahlias are still lookin' fine. Great piece of work!