Tuesday, September 30, 2014

30 Days Has September

 This week's CSA harvest list


The farm is still a bustle of activity and the to-do list is a mile long. In the fall, we always start adding back on the projects that got dropped off the list in the spring when planting, weeding and harvesting took over. But then, there are still those regular farm work activities. We have garlic and tulips to plant, we have dahlias and carrots to harvest. We have wedding flower arrangements to make. The new stuff, the fun stuff, the big picture stuff is what's fueling the momentum. Talk of renovations, new equipment, vacation....a girl's weekend (Did you get that?....a girl's weekend?... as in I'm going away for the weekend with my girlfriends!!!) are the stuff of sanity, release, spark.

We are ending the days with soups and stews, popcorn and hot cocoa. The oven is on, cooking squash to be made into pies. There's time to be in the kitchen now that the days end earlier. And, I put on my long underwear again. Nothing like a wool layer to make a cold day bearable. We've made the switch back to flannel sheets and everyone has their puff back on their bed. We're getting close to having time to put away the mountain of laundry on the second floor of the house. And, the fire is rolling again in the woodstove.

All the baby farm animals have grown up. We're going to try veal for the first time this year. We sent Babycakes off to the butcher. He was on a diet of 6 gallons of milk a day. He didn't want to wean, despite our best intentions. As hard is it may be for some of you to wrap your head around, the easiest solution for a livestock problem is the butcher. He was headed there in the long run, tis the fate of most male livestock on the farm. If you can't lay an egg or make milk, off you go.  I've been scouring the internet for veal recipes. I think its going to be delicious! The cycle of the farm, the livestock that come and go, that's what puts food on our table and keeps the whole farm organism in motion, including the well fed farm workers.

The other thing going on is flowers....always flowers. We are starting to chat with couples about their weddings next season. We are making charts and lists about what worked and what we didn't like. The flowers are really making an impact in the business bottom line this year and that feels really exciting. 

We are starting to map out our staff needs for next year. We're looking for a production manager. We're channeling good intentions out there, hoping the right person comes our way. 

And, this will be the last week our farmstand is open. 

These fall days help us take stock of it all, offer a brief moment to reflect a bit on the successes and failures of the season. There are always so many of both. 
For me, the best part of this season has been our outstanding crew: The flower ladies who work endlessly on the weekends to make things a little more beautiful. The camp crew who greet every family to the farm with openness and warm heart. Our workshare folks who show up each week for 4 hours to harvest, wash and pack produce for the CSA. The field crew who perform a myriad of odd jobs all day, everyday. You all make this place sail smoothly and we love you all for it. 

Blessings on the meal-

John's mighty nice cover crop

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  1. "everyone has their puff back on their bed"... love that line, I still love those first few nights snuggling under the covers, my mom always called it a puff, I wonder if it is just a New England term?