Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a few words about the veggies:

September 4-7 harvest
Melon-- Hopefully last week you got one melon, now you get another. Some are yellow on the inside with white seeds. If you get one that is not quite ripe, let us know and we might have an extra one for you. (its not easy to do the thump test on 300 melons!)
Watermelon Radish-- I have a bias against vegetable varieties which are named after other foods, (Garden Peach Tomato, Tangerine Pimento Pepper, Pink Banana Squash...) but this is a great fall radish (as opposed to the spring radish which we serve up regularly.) Nice and sweet, and it might go with the melon fruit if you have a little prosciutto on hand.
Spinach & Kale-- as we approach the fall months we'll try to keep you supplied with good greens!
Cucumbers-- just so you all know: we could, if we wanted to, BURY you all in cucumbers. We are being merciful at half a dozen for each share. 
Tomatoes (Sungold and Roma) -- Still coming, but who knows for how long.
Green Peppers & Banana Peppers-- some are actually red. Red peppers are just fully ripe green peppers. We try to leave them on the plant as long as we can but we always risk blemished red ones as opposed to solid green ones.
Hot Peppers-- help yourself with caution. Let one of us know if the basket is running low, it only takes a few minutes to grab a few dozen. 
Onion-- smallish onions this year is a result of the onion thrip: a tiny bug that bothered our field. I think it is because of its fast reproductive habit in warm weather.
Potatoes-- Also a less than mediocre year for potatoes.
Cilantro -- I hope few of you have cilantro aversion.
Cabbage -- Don't get sick of cabbage yet... fall is coming.
Edamame -- These are soy beans which you must strip off the plants. Steam the pods lightly and pop them out as a snack. Good with a little salt, a bit of butter, and a beer. This week they are smallish, but next week they will be more uniformly filled out. If we wait too long they will get too fibrous. 
I don't want to take away from Maddie's beautifully written post, but I just wanted to keep the CSA blog relevant!

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