Monday, July 2, 2012

A Week with Flowers

I love the dad who drops off his daughter's glassware after the wedding, with a tear in his eye when he recalls how beautiful she was. 

I love our new stickers; to send our flowers out in to the world with a little branding.


I love a flower girl.

 I love online shopping for these silver bowls, (and milk-glass vases, and antique bottles, and vintage tin cans...) and the patient FedEx guy who drops off all my little gifties.

I love these girls, their hands, their hearts, their laughter and their beautiful work.

I love how a wintertime brainstorm of marigold chains can inspire and make you want to travel to a marketplace in India.

I love my patient husband!

I love the fruit in these!

I love that the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act and I can't wait to have me some health insurance!

I love a day in the flower studio: the light and the leftovers and all the goodness.

And even though he ate 8 turkey chicks, I still love this guy. He's good company.

This week's share includes:
Green onions

And this week marks the start of our Summerfolks Share, our 8 weeks CSA share that includes a bouquet of flowers and just the most snack-able produce!

Blessings on the meal-


  1. So much fun seeing the flowers flow from your farm--and the joy!

  2. Love the Marigold chains!! Now to plant more marigolds....many more....lovely work.

  3. I cannot begin to express how beautiful and perfect your flower creations were for our wedding Stacy! Ethan and I appreciate all the creativity and sweat that went into each arrangement, big and small. Truly, truly magical.

  4. That was a delightfully warm and fuzzy post! As always I love your photographic documentation of the week! I also find myself seeking an excuse to request flower leis from the flower workshop... xo

  5. Oh man, those shots make me yearn to come spend a summer working for you :) Killer, killer job on the flowers! Thanks for the morning inspiration infusion. I sure needed it.

  6. such a beautiful post.
    your blog, work and words are inspiring me tonight

  7. Your blog was recommended to me by a customer who follows my blog and I am SOOO glad she sent me the link. I have absolutely loved following your journey for the last few days and can relate to so much that you write about. I only grow a few flower varieties for market but am so impressed with your flower business. You have inspired me! My husband and I have talked for the past few years about trying to make a fall trip up the east coast to visit a few small farms and I really hope that if we do make this trip that y'all would have time for a visit. Great website!