Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Grand Affair

 Being a part of something big is always a source for great excitement. We were thrilled when Leslie and Marika from Aurora Provisions asked us to help with the flowers for a fundraising dinner for President Obama. The level of organization to pull off an event of this magnitude was staggering.

After putting together all the pieces, I was fretting about the temperature dropping in the unheated studio so we hauled everything in to the house. Flowers everywhere is certainly a lovely employee bonus.

 Secret Service meetings, timelines, vetting all the vendors and workers through the White house security channels. The Portland Museum of Art was a terrific venue and transformed magically. The light, the color and the energy were perfect. And, of course, the meal made from mostly Maine sourced ingredients was splendid.

Leslie gave me buckets of mussel shells and some large glass cylinders and her color scheme and away we went.

I'm sure Barack stopped for just a moment to love on those an American, it's all about me and my flowers, right? There couldn't be anything more important going on in the world.

The set-up was intense, lots of men in black and tons of hoopla. I couldn't bring myself to stay for the event after loading in the flowers. It was way more glory than I'm capable of. Or maybe I might need to confess a touch of agoraphobia. Emma did stay, helped to serve dinner and received a 2 handed hand shake from the president. I think she is still glowing!

Blessings on the meal-

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