Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Makings of a Moment

The makings of a moment in the day that make you stop and consider it all....

The sight of fresh snow from the bedroom window.
The sound and smell of the stovetop espresso maker finishing its brew.
A fantastic ski through the woods, making fresh tracks, listening to Bon Iver and taking it all in.
The sight of deer tracks, rabbit tracks and the smallest little mouse tracks through the powdery snow.
Returning to the house to make ginger snaps, drink tea and build yet another fort.

Winter, makes us sit closer to each other, seek solace alone in the snow, in the woods and in our heads.

Every table is covered with seed and plant catalogs, the computer is open with research, the couch is always masquerading as a fort. We are learning about heating systems, grant writing, growing garden roses for cut flowers. We are eager to settle in to an indulgent hour of "The Wire" box set every evening. And, each day we count down to another day trip to the slopes so we can pretend to fly on earth.

The news is on and then off again....too much NPR=too much GOP primary= nausea. We are going to register as Republicans to participate in the Maine Caucus, a good opportunity for an educational moment for our children and a chance to sway the outcome...or maybe just an escape from the house for a rousing afternoon of politics. I think the caucus process is fascinating!

We are eagerly awaiting the release of the Maine Magazine Wedding Issue so we can share some of the scrumptious photos of our shoot. It looks so good I can hardly believe it. Of course, it is about catering and food so there are not enough shots of flowers and terrariums for my taste, but there's always next time! (that's right....terrariums!)

Next Tuesday, February 7, we will be at Portland GreenDrinks at the Mariner's Church. Afterwards, we'll head over to the Salt Exchange for the first ever GreenDinner event. Come join us and chat food, flowers, farming and whiskey.

Finally, we are making a few huge leaps this winter with our marketing and distribution. First off, we initially had planned to scratch delivery of CSA shares. Well, we've had a change of heart and will be investing in a delivery van to acommodate the interest. It seems only greener for us to make one trip to town versus all of our members making multiple trips. So, South Portland and Portland delivery is back on the table.

In addition to delivery, we are launching an on-line store. The store will allow folks to order produce to be delivered to our drop off sites or to be picked up at the farm. CSA members can take advantage of special bulk pricing for items that can be preserved such as berries, tomatoes and cucumbers. Or, maybe you are planning a special meal and need a few extra ingredients, this system will allow you to order and pay online and be guaranteed to receive the product. No more disappointment when you show up and we are already sold out of that delicious honey! In addition to the store, all of our transactions with CSA shareholders will shortly be managed through this system, allowing folks to schedule electronic payments. CREDIT CSA customers will be able to use their credit shares in the store. Caterers, restaurants and  small retailers will be able to order items in bulk for better pricing and assured availability.

Between trips in the woods on my skis and trips to Shawnee Peak for home school downhill ski group, I'm eating, breathing and living the development of this system in anticipation of a whole new wave of convenience for our community with regard to accessing local food.

Stay tuned for more on our new online system, MaineMag wedding issue photos and an update on our project to-do list.

Blessings on the meal,
Photo Credits go to Emma....thanks for your lovely images!

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