Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Quality of the Light

The farmhouse we  live in is blessed with windows

on at least 2 and sometimes 3 sides in each room. The light in the morning, after a snow, makes the space glow with a Wyeth-like aura. When we are moving a little more slowly, sipping the second cup

by the stove and not on the run,

 the chance to enjoy the special quality of this light is not lost.

Here's what a late-fall farm to-do list looks like:
Finish building root cellar walls
Build door for Pumphouse
Move Perennials
Take Screens off the windows
Send list of available product to Penny Jordan for the online market
Put implements away
Clean up Flora*Bliss and put away all that glassware
Burn Pile?
Greenhouse drainage
New greenhouse heating
2nd Layer of plastic in the greenhouse
Center Pivot Irrigation Project....when is that excavator coming?
Light for the chicken coop
Plan trip to Florida to pick up the new Allis G by December 31st (John bought online last week!)
Enlarge the compost pad
Build access road along Fogg field

Now, rest assured, this is not all accomplished in a week and I spared you some of the less exciting tasks like catching up on bookkeeping and emails. We do find it nice to change gears and let go of harvesting for other tasks. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

Blessings on the meal,

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