Monday, August 8, 2011

Raw Material Transforms

In the middle of last week, it was decided that we would begin to move into our new store and studio space. Our hands are full of the work of the regular season, so changing patterns and flow in our tried system came as a hard sell. But, cleaning up the sawdust and prepping the raw space felt so good.

The first big use for the space was floral design for 3 weddings. With the help of an able crew of ladies, and John of course, we cut flowers and prepped raw material to be used for the weddings. This starts early on Thursdays for our wedding cycle.


Flowers come in from the field and go to the cooler. We moved them to the studio by the truckload after they were cooled off from the field. And then the magic little flower factory started churning out arrangements.... (fueled of course by coffee, snacks and the late night bottle of vino)

 Once all the design work is done, everything gets packed up to travel and sent back to the cooler until we're ready to go to the sites.

Wedding one: Peak's Island, purple, lavender and blue

Wedding two: In the Country, red, orange, yellow and white in vintage milk glass and antique blue glass ball jars

(Can we just love on all that color for a moment?)

Wedding three: At the Beach, peach, lavender, green and white for the personal flowers and color galore in vintage apothecary bottles and tins for the tablescapes.

(And, we did not grow those big David Austin roses here, alas they were ordered in from our wholesaler)

(darling little summer crab apples make my heart sing)

And can I just mention that a girl can really fall in love with a ribbon rack!

 After a full weekend of flowers, we are gearing up to open the retail side of the studio/store this morning.


Hours are 7AM to 7PM, seven days a week. Stop in, tell us what you think, take home something delicious to eat and some flowers for your table. Everything is self serve but we'll be around to help if need be.

Opening a store feels a little like you're about to have a big party and you don't know if anyone you've invited is going to show up!


  1. Stacy, you have such a beautiful sense of aesthetics. Hooray for the opening of your new project! The flowers you arranged for my mother's surprise party were so beautiful. Everybody loved them, and the event was so much more beautiful thanks to your flowers! Best of luck in the new project! Looking forward to seeing you soon. -Kate Steinhacker

  2. Hi Stacy! Congrats on getting Flora*Bliss going, we will be by this week for some veggies, and most likely flowers. Looking at all the photos makes me even more over the moon about our wedding coming up at the farm in a few weeks..they are stunning. Take Care, Beth

  3. OHHH thanks you guys for the love! xoxo Stacy

  4. Congratulations! I will have to check it out tomorrow!

    Sandy Katz

  5. As a future Broadturn bride, this post made me swoon!

  6. Stacy, I've been reading and enjoying your blog for some time; I went to high school with your husband and when I saw all these beautiful photos, I was hooked. I just wanted to say that your floral arrangements make me wish I was getting married it weird to say that they're so pretty they make me hungry? Good luck to you and John with your new venture. Best, Emily M.

  7. Oh I can't wait to pick up our shares tomorrow -- and to see what you have in the store! Congratulations in this new development in your business.

  8. Oh I can't wait to pick up our shares tomorrow -- and to see what you have in the store! Congratulations in this new development in your business.

  9. Wished I lived closer for sure! Gorgeous flowers. At our wedding, our florist (& friend) made gorgeous bouquets from homegrown peonies, stock, iris...her favorite quote (altered by her) was from Erasmus: W"hen I have a little money, I buy flowers; and if any is left over, I buy food and clothes." (Erasmus, of course, said books ~ but she said flowers).

  10. Wow, When I saw this project back at "Eastover" I thought "what kind of crazy people would take on a restoration this big?" Now I know, very skilled crazy people, with lovely taste. Congrats!