Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This week's harvest:
Bok Choi
Hakurei Salad Turnips
Extra basil and tomato seedlings

What is Kohlrabi? I liken it to a tender broccoli stem. They are in the same plant family. We like to peel the skin off, slice them up and eat raw with dip. Also, kohlrabi tastes great grated into a salad or a slaw. If you prefer your kohlrabi cooked, try cutting into match sticks, sauteing with oil, garlic and toss with some grated parmesean cheese. I always peel it as the skin is too tough for my taste.

Here's one tip...from the kitchen of the farm house...for how to make the most of your share:

Keep a stock of condiments on hand that pare well with the produce. A short list for our pantry includes:

  • a variety of vinegar, ume plum being my favorite
  • limes and lemons and juice of both (I use the zest and the juice)
  • mayonnaise
  • yogurt
  • grating cheese like asiago or romano and some other strong cheese like blue or gorgonzola, and feta
  • ginger root
  • tahini
With these ingredients, you can fashion a variety of dressings and sauces to go with the various items in your share. We are short on time in the summer so most often I'm winging it in the kitchen. These staples can work in many ways to simplify the use of the summer bounty. Remember to share your delicious creations with is on Facebook.

Our summer camp is in full swing as of yesterday. The lively energy of all those children always brings an extra nip of excitement to the work of farming. They all want to meet the "boy farmer". John, the elusive "boy farmer" attains a level of celebrity in the  eyes of the campers. He runs by in a scurry from one job to the next, looking important all the while. I think he secretly likes his stardom.  Flora is also enjoying camp although she proclaimed to me yesterday that now she has "absolutely no more privacy". Welcome to summer, I say. And Emma and her friends have been madly harvesting berries for our wholesale accounts. All hands and hearts are in the work these days.

This weekend we will create flower magic for our first wedding out on Peak's Island. We'll surely share some of that loveliness as it happens.

There are plenty of berries for sale here at the farm. You can stop by or place an order, especially if you are looking for a large enough quantity for making jam or freezing for mid-winter smoothies. In addition, we still have basil and tomato seedlings if you need some more plants for your garden.

The store, Robbie tells me, is 2 weeks away from opening. She looks more real every day. I can't wait to move in!

And to Jennifer, we are holding you and yours in the light.

Blessings on the meal,

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