Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Longest days of the year...

 This week's harvest:
Garlic Scapes
Basil Seedling
Beets with greens
Napa Cabbage

Garlic scapes are a quick season delicacy. Fresh, green, garlicky and possible fun to wear. They can take the place of garlic in whatever recipe you are preparing. Or, you can highlight them in a pesto, garlic scape butter, or flower bouquet.

Mizuna is best eaten raw as an accouterment to salad or as an addition to a delicious Asian slaw made with the Napa cabbage. In some recipes you will find the Napa referred to as Chinese or Savoy cabbage. Both can also be braised.

Mainers love beet greens. But what about the beets?! John has never been able to just give out greens without the beets, but when you get home you can eat those greens and tuck the beets back into the fridge for later.
Strawberries are best eaten raw, fast, in the car on the way as not to have to share any! But, then again, the gift of fresh strawberries at the table, shared with smiles and exclamations is worth the wait. Just a pint on Tuesday, but more to come!

And about those berries...we will no longer be offering pick-your-own berries. If you are interested in purchasing berries, they are $5/lb. They will be available in the barn as long as we have them. In addition to purchasing berries from us, you can check out our newest retail location, Bathras Market....can we just say ADORABLE!!!

Bathras is in Willard Square, next to Scatch Bakery in South Portland. If you are local, please drop in and meet Kate,

her lovely husband and her father-in-law. And, if you are hungry or want to grab a picnic for the beach, pick up a sandwich made by Sasha, who happens to be a Broadturn alum!

Very inspiring place for a girl about to open a little neighborhood store herself!

And finally, let's close with a little bit of lovely.... an arrangement for the folks at SPACE.

And Tuesday's CSA Flower share bouquets...

 Merry Solstice and Blessings on the meal,


Celebrating the longest day with flowers and berries....


  1. Youguys are at Bathra's! Beth and I just checked it out for the first time a couple weeks ago. We're bummed that the first summer we haven't lived in Sopo, something so wonderful opens up right next to our favorite bakery, but it's ok, we'll still make the drive :)