Monday, September 6, 2010

Broadturn Beat: Who Wore It Better?

Here at Broadturn Farm we like to stay up on the latest, news, politics, the organic movement, patterns of Pyrex, and fashion. We seemed to have a few reoccurring themes this season and I thought I would take this chance to share them with you.

#1 Stripes and Carharts

Both functional and fashionable. Early this spring we were inspired by Gabriel 'Coco' Chanel's early years, with her departure from the restrained clothing women were wearing up until the 1920's. She was inspired by the striped jersey knits of the sailors she saw and adopted the clothing. On the farm, for spring, we thought it fitting to. Matched with a pair of Women's Carhart's, it's the perfect spring ensemble.

#2 White with Black Spots

Summer Season showed us a lot of white with black spots around the farm. Here are a few that were captured.

Goose wearing white with black stripes. He seems to find the coloring perfect for him and wears it most days.

Blackberry...wearing white with black spots on her udder one misty morning in June.

Our darling Flora was also a fan of this trend with a pair of wooden clogs with the same pattern. Though great for summer, she could just barely fit into them for this quick photo before bed. Thanks Flora~you're a good sport!

#3 Fur...

We're making an early prediction here for fall, but it seems to be that rabbit fur is in.

Here we have Wrenna and Alobar chilling in their own version of the trend.

And lastly we have intern Samantha sporting the look as well...I think she may have picked up a little more than just the fur...

If you would like to see more farm fashion as well as my chronicles of the summer, please check out my blog I've been keeping about my farming experience here at Broadturn, wayfaring milkmaid.

And Now: This weeks latest picks from the field...

summer squash
patty pans squash
delicata squash (first winter squash of the season, you can eat the skin! after you cook it, of course!)
mixed box of tomatoes
hot peppers
and lastly watermelon~which comes in all shapes and sizes, so please be conscious of your family size and others to make sure the summer goodness is equally shared, as we know and appreciate your conscious efforts in doing so throughout the season!

Blessings on the meal!

the other intern,


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