Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating May Day

May Day, in the Pagan tradition, marks the start of the growing season. It is the moment we stop to take time to call the fairies to bless our garden with fertility. Beltane, as it is often called, is on the opposite side of the calendar as Samhane, also known as Halloween. Samhane marks the end of the growing season, the time when we bring in all the harvest and praise thanks to those fairies for the fertile season. Now, I know there is plenty of science to all of this but the magic and the wonder of it all always amazes me. You can never be too humble in the presence of nature's work and taking the time to celebrate fertility allows us the opportunity to take a moment out of the planting season to honor that which sustains us.

Thanks to all of you who joined us yesterday for the Maypole dance.

Blessings on the meal,

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