Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Variety of Weather

Last weekend, we woke to a glorious sunrise of dusty snow as glimpsed through our equally dusty window. Yes, that is the window not the lens offering that effect.

Alas, this weekend we savor the opportunities that are delivered in fresh air, open windows, warm breezes and a long walk in the woods.

Today was truly lovely in all ways. We spent time seeding alliums (things in the onion family) in the greenhouse. We worked on readying the cabins for the impending arrival of this seasons interns (soon to be introduced). We spent a moment considering the emerging bulbs in the perennial garden. The highlight by far was our walk through the woods on the new Eagle Scout trail, accompanied by 2 lovely kittens, a small princess and a shaggy dog.

(She carried that little cat at least a mile and he was still purring!)

The livestock menagerie basked in the glory that was temps in the 50's and snacked on a soup of rosemary laced whey from the local cheese maker.

The lambs have made their debut into the farmyard and we watch an active version of farm TV from our kitchen table at mealtime.

We hope your weekend has a sun filled moment.

Blessings on the meal
Stacy and John

PS....and you may be wondering about our dear little Emma. She spent the day painting the set for the school play, Willy Wonka. Emma and her friends hope you will consider a trip in support of school theater next weekend.

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