Monday, September 28, 2009

Milk-face-book appropriate Ludditism

Well, the changing of the seasons brings many new things to the farm. But never this:

Yes... Tonight at the dinner table sat Emma, Flora, myself (John), and Stacy with 127 of her friends. I have never made apologies for our use of computer technology on the farm. Many folks know that we have not had a TV since the X-Files, and i-Pods still come and go with our interns. But yes, I call it appropriate Ludditism: we have a blog, we rely on Google Earth for mapping out field rotations and work patterns around the farmstead. I'm not sure if the line I feel we have crossed is "entertainment" or perhaps its because its not me, but Stacy that has taken the plunge into Facebook, but it does irk me. I have fiddled around with Facebook(don't "Friend" me), and Twitter (don't "Follow" me), mostly wrapped into the tangled web because I try to stay up-to-date with organizations (professional organizations mind you); and I have found myself guardedly unready to commit more than a couple minutes to it. Anyway, I don't plan on Blogging about my feelings about Facebook, but I'll leave it with a link to this article I just came across, about a recent study . And Stacy, (this is a message for you, sweetheart) we are neither "urban" or "wealthy", nor are we -as the article says- in the over-50-crowd.
On to other topics: Milk! Now, as lax as Maine's raw milk regulations are, we are-- based on our small small small scale, not allowed to advertise milk for sale at our farm.
Let me just say that especially as our interns prepare to depart for the season, milk is in abundance. Ask one of us if you want in on it. Or call us: 329-3840 is my number. Also, as time goes on, this little one: Chik-a-chik-a-calf-a-lina (as he is called) will drink less and less milk and so there will be more and more milk for us humans.

Our milk benefactor: Blackberry.
And if you happen to drive away with a gallon or a half, let me explain the message that may be written on the foil:

It has become somewhat of a tradition to write not only the date of when the milk was poured, but also a little note about what is going on at the farm, or personally what the milker is thinking. On Sunday Stacy was cleaning out our attic, and I had come home from a concert in Boston at which I felt a bit like a fish out of water... Ok folks, the irony here is not lost on me, that this is nothing short of a Twitter posting-- even more brief and pointless. Why do you want to know this stuff? Why do you want to what Stacy looked like in 1984?
Why? because Broadturn Farm is a farm of the future! Check out this Vermont farm: Pete's Greens. Truly a leader in local community farming.
Oh yeah, you DO want to know THIS:
The Harvest
Broccoli Raab
Broccoli -or- Cabbage
Baby Beets
Salad Radishes
Spaghetti Squash

OK, see you Friendster-- oh dang-- I mean Facebook.
(by the way if you didn't understand anything in this posting, don't worry, you didn't miss much. I'm talking to you, Mom.)
Blessings on the meal.

Addendum by Stacy:
I do admit to a burst of addictive behavior getting re-acquainted with dear childhood friends. (BTW...that photo with the super-large zucchini came at a time when I was trying to wear my hair feathered/shagged like Jodie Foster....this was after the Dorthy Hamill and before the 80's Big Hair look) And, I apologize to my children for feeding them boxed Annie's Mac and Cheese in my frenzy to accommodate my addiction this week. MY NAME IS STACY AND I'M ADJUSTING TO BEING A FACEBOOKAHOLIC . At any rate, short of offending my friends in recovery and hashing out relationship issues with our customers in view, I invite you all, and Johnny, to join Broadturn Farm on experiment in connecting all of you we see but who don't always see each other. You all have offered so much to us and my hope is we can all share that wisdom, wit and most importantly...those recipes in this new-to-me format.
Blessings on the meal (even if I was on FB while cooking)-

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  1. i love milk-face!
    what a fabulous way to keep track of your milk. your site is a lot of fun and i can tell you are hard at work. love to you all! xo