Friday, April 17, 2009

The everyday work of prayer at the farm

The ordinary of a day or a season provides us with the opportunity to remember ritual and prayer...I like to think of it as the everyday work of prayer.

It happens while washing the dishes, planting the first of the season's lettuce or checking the status of the newly planted seeds to see if they've germinated. The magic of germination never ceases to amaze me
and as John put it to me this afternoon "there is divinity in evolution".

The week of sun has brought us to our knees in the garden. The field is turning over and the field pea cover crop is on the ground.

Two of our season's interns have arrived, ushering in a series of productive days and source for a solid reminder of why we've sought out this life. Ben

and Amanda

have been a great help so far and we are looking forward to their time here.

There are a few quick updates that we want to make sure we let you know about....

::There are still a few CSA shares left if you have friends or family who might be interested.

::Spots for Farm Camp are filling up and traditionally, after April vacation, the weeks seem to fill more rapidly. What is it about a week at home with your kids in April that reminds you how nice it is to have a few things planned for the summer?

::And, we are collaborating with Silver Moon Creamery to offer cheese shares for the season. If you opt for a cheese share, your cheese will be available for you in the barn when you pick up your produce. Jennifer Bettancourt of Silvery Moon Creamery is an award winning cheesemaker and produces some of the most delicious cheeses I've been lucky enough to enjoy. We will work together to create a combination of cheese and produce to compliment one another. For example, when we are distributing strawberries, Jennifer will distribute creme fraiche. Please email us if you are interested.

::We are rich in eggs

and parsnips here at the farm...please come on by the farm and take advantage of this spring bounty, enjoy some sun and a walk around to meet the piglets and the lambs.

Blessings on the meal-
Stacy and John


  1. Oh, the cheese share sounds like a great idea! That would be wonderful.

    It was so great meeting you yesterday and helping out a little on the farm!

  2. Wow!! Ema- I want to come and visit your farm!! Can't wait to see you even though I won't be in Phoneix *sob*

    -Madison Wyatt