Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings for the Dairy Cow

Unlike the rest of the working world which is trying to catch up on that lost hour, Spring daylight savings allows us to "sleep late" since Brown Sugar, our dairy cow, is more tuned to the sunrise than to the clock. Of course I guess the rest of the working world slept late anyway since it was a Sunday...
Everyone knows that most opposition to Daylight Savings comes from farmers-- dairy farmers to be precise. I am not so passionate about it. If nothing else it just makes me glad about our chosen lifestyle.

On another time scale, it is the time of year that ladybugs, having hidden in the corners of the house over winter are beginning to emerge. The warmer days have warmed the house giving them a head start, but it is still too cold for them to go outside. We are happy to share our rosemary plant with them.

It is far too chilly to set plants outside, or even in our greenhouse. But this is the time of year when we do germination tests. We actually don't do a whole lot of testing on our seeds, maybe its more like stretching our wings on germinating and growing seedlings. A reminder that yes, the miracle still works! Here is our window-sill corn and sister-bean sprouting.

As we go to bed on the eve of another snowfall, we say thanks to the warmth that brought us a long bike ride, a trip to the beach and a momentary reminder of the coming of Spring.

Blessings on the meal-
John and Stacy

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