Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meet Pocket Brunch

We took a break from field planning, seed ordering and general farm labor to collaborate with our friends at Pocket Brunch last week.

For years, I have been hatching an idea to open a greenhouse restaurant. I love being in the greenhouse in the winter and early spring. The light renews my soul, rendering me more capable. Often, we take lunch in the greenhouse on a sunny day in the winter. And sometimes, I think if we could just share a little of that good light feeling, it might be well received.

Somehow, back in October,  maybe it was after a few of the Bearded Lady's perfect drinks, I opened my big mouth and suggested we host a winter Pocket Brunch.

Our first run with Pocket Brunch was such a success but came at a time in the season when its easy for us to host events. But, in order to try out my theory around the greenhouse restaurant, I needed an opportunity to use our greenhouse. The greenhouse sees action almost 8 months of the year. If its not supporting our growing seedlings, its curing squash or drying onions. But, this mid-January day, it was free of farm action and so it hosted Pocket Brunch. And, I dare say I think my hunch on the greenhouse restaurant is right on.

 Rob Evans, of Duckfat and Hugo's fame, was the guest chef.

Everyone, including Emma, seemed to love the coffee from Tandem Coffee Roasters in East Bayside, Portland.

The greenhouse was a perfect medium for me to work in and John loves making stunning installations in some of our large spaces. Together, we had a blast. The snow palace and stick sculptures were commanding and well enjoyed. And the greenhouse was inviting.

The January thaw arrived in conjunction with our event, presenting a slush factor. Hay and spent Christmas tree boughs worked well to tamp down the mud and create pathways.

This week got us excited about all the flower and event design to come this spring and summer. And, our sites are set on the next big project......public greenhouse.

Blessings on the meal-

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  1. Awesome. Wow. What are the plants, little peas or beans? Such a great shot. Inspires me to start some inside just for the aesthetic value.