Monday, December 10, 2012

Holding him in the light

Last night we learned that Russel Libby, the long time executive director of MOFGA, died. Russel's death is a huge loss. His wisdom along with his political and institutional knowledge about agriculture, policy and the politics of organic have been a true gift to farmers. When we first considered a move to Maine to start farming, Russel met with us, guided us along and always provided realistic encouragement. He was an available leader, returning emails, phone calls and dropping in to check on us from time to time throughout the years. This level of availability, in large part, provided us with a sense that we were part of something important, a movement. Under Russel's leadership, the organic farmers of Maine have flourished. We feel so blessed to have had the chance to be supported as farmers through Russel's work on policy issues at both the state and federal level. We'll miss seeing him at the Common Ground Fair, at MOFGA meetings, at the Farmer to Farmer Conference. But mostly, we'll miss him, his smile, his big hug and his wit. As is the way of Quakers, we are holding Russel and his family in the light.

You can read more about Russel here and in the Portland Press Herald . Russel's TED Talk is here.

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